Imagine that you just had one of those days where nothing seemed to go right. The presentation you worked on for months was not well received, due perhaps to the fact that your dog barked throughout most of it because he had to go out. When that did not happen, he peed at the front door. Imagine if after a day like this, that you could have a few minutes all to yourself, devoid of texts, tweets, smart phones and even other family members? How great would it be to have a space where you could simply relax and wash away the stresses of the day? You don’t have to dream any longer. Upgrading the primary bath provides homeowners an opportunity to create an in-home refuge that not only adds value to your home, but enhances the quality of your life.
Features of a Luxury Primary Bath
A high performing shower can feature a steam systems that sooths tired muscles, rejuvenates your skin and eliminates toxins from your body. The health and wellness benefits of steam go back centuries where Roman and Greek hot baths became the world’s first spas. A high performing shower in the primary bath can also feature different therapies – sound (music), light (chromatherapy) and scent (aromatherapy). Each and a combination of all three serve to recharge your batteries and provide a sense of calm and wellbeing. Multiple showerheads, body sprays and hand showers help to complete a high-performing shower.
Tubs also can provide aroma, sound and color therapies in addition to air systems and jets that serve to relax tired muscles, rejuvenate skin and soak away the stresses of a day.
A number of homeowners love the suggestion of his and her toilets that not only provide privacy but also eliminate the need to ever have to wait. And speaking of toilets, a well-equipped, technological forward primary bath will feature advanced toilets offering self-rising and closing seats, automatic flushing, self-cleaning capabilities, heated seats, massage night lights, blu tooth connections to music services and personal digital assistants, integrated exhaust systems that remove odors and bacteria and washlet systems that eliminate the need for toilet paper. Faucets that can be operated hands-free not only contribute to a healthier lifestyle but also one that is more environmentally efficient.
Double the pleasure of using your primary bath by having dual sinks. Many of our clients have “Ah ha” moments when we introduce smart mirrors with 3D scanners, multispectral cameras and gas sensors to assess the health of the person looking into them. These mirrors examine a person’s face, look at fatty tissue, facial expressions and how flushed or pale a person’s skin is. Facial recognition software in smart mirrors can identify signs of stress or anxiety. Gas sensors serve as breathalyzers to determine how much someone may drink or smoke. Mirror scanners that analyze face shapes can identify weight gain or loss and multispectral cameras in smart mirrors read heart rates or hemoglobin levels. The sensors in smart mirrors can tell homeowners how healthy they are and offer guidance to improve health.
In addition to high-performance features for a primary bath, there also needs to be adequate storage that can be provided by a linen closet, open shelving or vanity shelves and drawers.
Function without form can compromise the look and feel of a dream primary bath and your enjoyment of the space. Ask yourself how you want your bath to feel every time you step into your tub or take as shower. The aesthetic tone for most primary baths is set by the faucetry selected and enhanced by the finishes and accessories that should not be overlooked. Our designers can help you identify faucets, shapes, sizes, color schemes, floor and wall covering, towel bars, robe hooks, toilet roll holders, makeup mirrors, tumblers, lighted cabinets, and even heated towel racks that meet reflect your style and the vibe you want in your new primary bath.
When you are having one of those days and when you are not, don’t you deserve a primary bath that serves as an in-home spa that will allow you and your family a place to wash away the stresses of the day? Give us a call at (304) 814-2268 or make an appointment to visit our showroom to learn how you can make your dream a reality.

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