Trends In Home Design
White cabinets continue to hold an elevated position in kitchen design. According to recent research performed by, 40% of homeowners opted for white cabinets for their kitchen renovation. Our clients in the tri state area mirror those results. There are many good reasons for white cabinets’ popularity. When you pair a white palate with other textures and finishes, the kitchen transforms into a space that is warm and inviting. Adding open shelving in natural wood tones and splashes of color in countertops and backsplashes create contrasts that bring a kitchen with white cabinets alive. It’s also beneficial to know the right time to update your cabinets.
In the bathroom, our clients in are gravitating toward an emerging trend of incorporating ledges into a shower or tub area instead of a niche. Not only are ledges beautiful, but they also provide the functionality necessary to hold soap, shampoo, conditioner and other bath products. Practicality is another reason we have been recommending ledges instead of niches. A niche needs to be between two wall studs, and it needs to be tiled and finished on the edges. Ledges require less construction time, which translates to lower cost.

Bathroom seating is another popular trend that is resonating with our clients. They appreciate the ability to sit in their bathroom and relax. A bench or other seating area in a bath provides an alternative to standing while brushing your teeth, putting on makeup or preparing for the day or bedtime.

Tiling the bathtub apron is another popular trend that creates a focal point in a bath. Imagine wrapping your tub in a matching tile that adorns the shower stall or backsplash? Using tile or another material around the tub is an innovative technique for making a design statement cost-effectively.

Another of the most popular bathroom design features here and among the ten most popular bathroom photos on are baths with double floating vanities. Wall-mount vanities that don’t reach the floor make cleaning the bath easier, and floating vanities and toilets help make smaller spaces appear larger. We often recommend undercabinet lighting as a design feature as it enables you to navigate the bath in the middle of the night while minimizing the possibility of waking your partner.

What trends can you capitalize on to make your kitchen and bath more enjoyable and functional while adding value to your home? Give us a call at 304-814-2268 or visit our showroom at 5841 Davis Creek Rd, Barboursville WV 25504, and let’s discuss the possibilities.

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