Cabinets are one of the primary focal points in one of the most-used rooms in any house: the kitchen. Knowing when to update kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to improve your kitchen’s look, feel, and function without needing a full remodel. So, how can you tell it’s time to do something new and fresh with your cabinetry?

Kitchens By Woody’s is one of the top suppliers of premium kitchen cabinets in WV. Here, we answer common questions about the general timeline for upgrading kitchen cabinets and the best way to update them without a total replacement. 

8 Signs You Should Update Your Kitchen’s Cabinets

The kitchen remodeling industry is ever-growing, with younger and older adults spending time and money to upgrade the heart of their homes. Updating cabinets at the right time can do wonders for a kitchen since they’re integral to kitchen storage, room design, organization, and functionality.

Consider these warning signs to know when you should update kitchen cabinets.

1. Lack of Storage Space in the Kitchen

Cabinets should provide sufficient storage space for dishware, countertop appliances, spices, pantry items, and anything else you keep inside your kitchen cupboards. However, if your cabinets are full, leading you to store items on top of the cabinets or your countertops, it’s time to consider storage solutions to ensure excellent organization. When you pile things on your cabinets, it can make the kitchen look untidy.

The same goes for a cluttered countertop. Unfortunately, that clutter also restricts how much room you have to prepare meals, making your kitchen less functional and comfortable. 

Consider replacing your existing kitchen cabinets with an updated model that extends to the ceiling for more neat storage space. You could also raise the height of your cabinets or install deep drawers in place of lower cabinets to store cookware and appliances.

2. Excessive Wear and Tear 

Using your kitchen cabinets over time will lead to natural wear and tear. Even if they work well, visible scratches, stains, and other markings on your cabinets can detract from the kitchen’s appearance. 

When examining your cabinets, check their interiors and exteriors for signs of damage or loose hardware. You might realize after a deep inspection your kitchen cabinets don’t look as good as you assume. 

3. Kitchen Cabinet Doors Don’t Function Correctly

You expect your kitchen cabinets to open fully and close completely without slamming shut. If you experience this problem or have cabinets and drawers that can’t open correctly due to obstructions, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Depending on the problem, you could replace the cabinet or drawer doors. Still, replacing non-functional cabinets completely with new cabinet boxes and doors is usually a better option.

4. Your Kitchen Smells Funny 

Weird smells in a kitchen aren’t too unusual, especially if you enjoy cooking many types of cuisine. Over time, the scent of cooked foods can overlap. However, if your kitchen has a strange smell that you can’t pinpoint, the problem could be your cabinet interiors. 

Food particles can easily find their way inside your cabinets, attracting insects and pests. The foul smell could be due to the dust, debris, and pest waste. 

Mold is another common problem that can create bad smells inside cabinets. Mold growth usually occurs in cabinets with water damage, putting cabinets under and around sinks at high risk. 

The last thing you want is to expose your food and dishes to mold spores. So if your cabinets smell musty or have brownish, greenish, black, or white specks of mold growing on them, it’s time to invest in new cabinetry.

5. The Cabinets Are Old Fashioned

Sometimes, upgrading the kitchen with new appliances, countertops, or wall colors can make the room’s cabinets look more outdated than the rest of the room. It’s also possible that the design of your cabinets looks like a long-forgotten trend instead of something classic and timeless. In either case, updating kitchen cabinets is the right idea.

Cabinet trends come and go, but some trends have staying power. Use current kitchen cabinet trends and designs to inspire the look and feel of your home’s kitchen cabinets.

6. Cluttered Countertops

If you find yourself cluttering your kitchen countertops, it’s probably because your cabinets are inadequate for storing everything. That doesn’t mean you should hide away essential items like a coffee pot or toaster. Still, if it’s easier to keep pots, pans, spices, and other items on the counter than in your cabinets, your cabinets need more space or organizational features like pull-out shelves and custom pot racks.

7. Water Damage

Water damage in cabinets can occur due to uncleaned spills, stagnant water, and leaky pipes. If you notice wet spots on your wooden cabinets or discoloration from water stains on your cabinet surfaces, your kitchen is at risk of developing a mold problem. The water damage can also weaken the cabinet’s structural integrity and stability. 

Investing in new kitchen cabinets is the best way to address this problem. Even if your cabinets don’t develop mold, the water could cause the wood to warp and split, resulting in more unsightly damage. 

8. Outdated Kitchen Design

One of the first things anyone sees upon entering a kitchen is the cabinetry. When a kitchen design is outdated, you can quickly transform the space by upgrading the cabinets. The cabinet’s colors, textures, and style feed into the room’s overall aesthetic. 

The perfect cabinets will catch your attention and seamlessly blend into the kitchen’s design. It’s time to revamp your cabinets if you’re ready for a fresh new look for your kitchen. Refreshed cabinets also work great for helping new kitchen appliances stand out in the best way possible. 

Tips for Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets

When it’s time to update kitchen cabinets, you can choose to replace the entire cabinetry system. This solution is best if you want something completely different for your revamped kitchen or need a new and improved storage solution. Still, you can achieve an excellent transformation of your kitchen cabinets without replacing them by using the following upgrade methods: 

  • Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint: Painting kitchen cabinets a new color is an excellent way to transform functional cabinetry that offers decent storage and a good layout for the kitchen. Consider painting the upper or lower cabinets to add dimension to your kitchen. 
  • Install New Hardware: Installing new hardware is a quick way to give your cabinets a sense of charm and visual appeal. Choose between bar handles, polished chrome knobs, brass pulls, and other stunning options.
  • Replace Cabinet Doors: If your cabinet boxes are in good conditioner but you prefer a different style to your cabinets or your cabinet doors have major wear, go for a cabinet door replacement.
  • Add Glass Panels to Cabinet Doors: If you’re replacing cabinet doors, why not incorporate glass panels into several of them? The panels will let you display your favorite dishes while protecting them from dust. The glass also gives cabinet doors a unique feature. 

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