Cabinets contribute substantially to your kitchen, so they need to be in top shape for as long as possible. Of course, choosing the best material for kitchen cabinets depends on several factors, from personal aesthetics to durability. 

As a top kitchen cabinets provider in WV, Kitchens By Woody’s knows the leading materials to choose from when building or replacing cabinets. Here, you can review some of the most sought-after cabinet construction materials you can use in your kitchen.

What To Look for in Kitchen Cabinets

Any materials you use for your kitchen cabinets need to meet a few basic expectations. You may want to try having as many of these traits in your cabinets as possible.

Heat Resistance

Cooking and cleaning can expose your kitchen to high amounts of heat relative to the rest of your property. Kitchen cabinets, especially those above or near cooking surfaces or appliances, must withstand some level of heat exposure.

Warp Resistance

Your cabinets will carry large amounts of kitchen items, from cooking utensils to cutlery, which can vary in weight. The best material for kitchen cabinets should withstand this weight in addition to heat, water, and other elements that can cause warping.

Water Resistance

Kitchens require water sources for basic kitchen safety, like cleaning any items within them. Many cooking methods also involve water, including steaming, boiling, and other methods that could expose the cabinets to higher humidity levels. Even if you don’t spill anything in your kitchen, your cabinets should be able to withstand potentially humid conditions and water damage.

Cost Effectiveness

Kitchen changes, updates, or repairs shouldn’t break the bank. Moreover, you should be able to expect your cabinets to last a long time. Because of this, the material you use for kitchen cabinets should fit nicely into your budget restrictions without needing frequent repairs or replacements.

Damage Resistance

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, including dropping items or slipping and knocking things into the cabinets. Because of this, the best material for kitchen cabinets tends to be resistant to dents, scratches, and other damage.

5 Cabinet Materials for You To Try

You can buy or have manufacturers build your cabinets out of many materials, including various kitchen cabinet wood types. These five cabinet materials gained popularity over time for their utility, cost, and traits. When designing your kitchen, you may want to use one of these materials.

#1. Solid Wood

This popular kitchen cabinet material has a reputation for its luxurious nature. Even after manufacturers shape the material into different cabinet parts, like the doors or face frames, they retain a unique wood grain.

Although high-maintenance and requiring a larger purchase budget, many types of solid wood prove to be damage-resistant. However, be watchful for any water or heat warping since, as natural wood, it can absorb liquid through humidity. 

#2. Wood Veneers

Wood veneers come from a thin layer of solid hardwood over medium-density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, or particle board. You obtain the appearance of solid wood without the cost or weight, making them lighter and easier for contractors to install.

The combination of materials can make wood veneers more heat-resistant and cost-effective than solid wood. However, it loses some water resistance, so clean liquids off cabinet surfaces quickly.

#3. Plywood

Plywood comes from laminating many thin layers of solid wood together in varying grain directions to enhance durability. Higher quality plywood costs more but has the most consistency, damage resistance, and resistance to other elements. They can work as the best material for kitchen cabinets when manufacturers build them for cabinet bodies instead of doors.

#4. MDF

MDF is made from wood fibers, resin, and glue, creating the durability of solid wood while having more customization options. Its composition can make it more susceptible to heat and water damage, so it works best for cabinet panels rather than the entire cabinet.

#5. Stainless Steel

Most common in industrial settings, stainless steel cabinets can still work inside a kitchen at home. They have high heat, water, and warp resistance, but many homeowners find them aesthetically displeasing for a traditional kitchen. Some substitute the doors for wood veneers or other materials to keep the sturdiness of the cabinet body without sacrificing a more natural appearance.

Find the Best Cabinets With Us

If you don’t see your favorite cabinet materials on this list, don’t worry. Kitchens By Woody’s has many materials to choose from, so you can replace your kitchen cabinets without sacrificing your preferences. Our top-quality remodeling services can help you find the best material for kitchen cabinets in your home.

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