It is sometimes hard to find silver linings during a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic that we are currently facing; however, there is hope in many social media news feeds. Every day there are posts of people who want to support local businesses, especially small, locally-owned restaurants. It seems neighbors of all age groups have a common concern for our communities, our people, our local shops, our local restaurants, and yes, of course, our local kitchen and bath store too. Imagine the void in our lives if our community businesses don’t return. We miss you and our small business neighbors, and we see that the feeling is mutual.
Shop Small, Shop Local.
The trend was already in motion to combat online retailers and impersonal big box stores, but this pandemic something much more serious and personal. It’s affecting us all simultaneously. It’s time when we can see things more clearly. So spread the word and share why local businesses are so important. Support your favorite restaurants and post positive reviews of other small businesses. This is what America is all about, this spirit to help our neighbors. Your support will be appreciated more than you can ever imagine.

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