As more and more homeowners continue to work from home, they realize that their home is not working for them as well as they would like or need. As your family spends more time at home, the kitchen has taken on a more prominent role as a multi-functional space.
We’ve received numerous calls from homeowners interested in updating what currently exists. Certain elements of a dream kitchen should be at the top of everyone’s priority list regardless of space and budget. At the top of the list should be a combination of beauty, aesthetics and superb functionality. You should smile every time you cross the threshold, and every time you use your kitchen to prepare meals, eat, help with homework, chat with friends and neighbors or simply spend a few minutes for yourself.
The key priorities for any new kitchen should include:
Adequate storage
The right light
Appliances that cater to the families’ desires and lifestyle
Proper ventilation
Island or peninsula
Everything else, including the kitchen sink
A superbly designed kitchen is an organized kitchen. There is a direct connection between storage capabilities and functionality. That’s why when we design a new kitchen, we ask homeowners to inventory everything that they currently store in their kitchen, curate duplicative items and identify items they use rarely as opposed to those that are employed daily. Knowing the utensils, dishes, small appliances, glassware, cooking accessories and other items you use in your kitchen enables a kitchen designer to develop a customized storage solution for your unique needs and desires.
Lighting can make or break how your kitchen looks, feels and functions. Effective lighting illuminates a space in layers using different components and strategies to paint the final picture. Layers of light contribute not only to the functionality of the kitchen but also to its design and beauty. A savvy kitchen designer knows how to employ ambient, task and accent lights to enhance a new kitchen’s beauty and functionality.
Appliance selection should match your lifestyle. For homeowners who like to cook, the cooktop and oven are the two most used and hardest working appliances. Make those two appliances priorities.
Range hoods serve two valuable roles. Functionally, they remove smoke, grease and odors from the kitchen. Aesthetically, they can provide a focal point that sets the tone for the entire space.
Islands or peninsulas are requested by 99% of homeowners and for good reason. Islands provide extra countertop space and storage. Islands can double as dining tables, homework desks or a place for an additional sink, cooktop or dishwasher.
Sinks and sink areas are often an afterthought or minimize their importance. Too often the choice of the sink is left to the countertop fabricator that often agrees to provide a sink at “no charge.” Typically, the fabricator’s selection is the least expensive option available. Why would you want to put a $25 sink into a $50,000 kitchen? Plus, doing so misses multiple opportunities to enhance the functionality of your sink area. Today, manufacturers offer workstations that convert the sink into another space to prepare meals. These workstations include colanders, cutting boards, drying racks, bowls and other meal prep tools and utensils.
How can you identify the top priorities for your dream kitchen? Give us a call at (304) 736-6755 or make an appointment to visit our showroom either virtually or in-person at 5841 Davis Creek Road, Barboursville, WV.

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