Smart technology continues to evolve for the kitchen. We know clients appreciate the ability of a cooktop to control the functionality of a ventilation hood automatically. Many of our clients like having the ability to preheat their ovens from a smartphone app. Smart technology for the kitchen helps make homeowners’ lives easier and more enjoyable. Smart technology enables homeowners to react to potential maintenance and malfunction issues immediately. For example, a smartphone alert can notify a homeowner that a refrigerator door may have been left open or that the dishwasher is leaking.
We find that many of our clients have installed smart home devices, including doorbells, security systems, locks, lighting and personal digital assistants. Creating a smart kitchen is a natural extension for a smart home. Most of our clients are pressured for time and welcome smart technology that can save time and make daily tasks easier. Especially useful are appliances that can notify homeowners of potential service issues. There are refrigerators on the market that will send a message to the manufacturer’s service department if it is not operating as it should. Our clients with vacation homes genuinely appreciate it when they receive notification of a potential problem in a remote location.
In addition to early maintenance warnings, many of our clients appreciate that smart appliances make preparing and cooking meals more enjoyable. Some microwaves can automatically scan packaging and set cooking time and temperature according to package instructions. Smart ovens enable homeowners to automate basic tasks freeing up time to do other things and can contribute to a healthier diet with little to no extra effort. Many of our clients have “Ah-ha” moments when they learn that a steam/convection oven can replace a microwave because they can speed up or change the cooking process and perform multiple tasks. More importantly, combination steam/speed ovens make leftovers taste more like they did when they were initially prepared. Oh yum!
Smart appliances offer several benefits if you plan to age in place in your home, ranging from the ability to preheat ovens from the comfort of your couch or start your coffee maker while still in bed. Gourmet and dedicated home cooks revel in the fact that smart appliances enable them to cook meals to exact temperatures. Much of the smart technology being developed for the kitchen addresses the needs of busy homeowners. The technology provides more options, better choices and ease of use. If you would like to discuss how smart kitchen technology can make your life easier and make your kitchen more enjoyable, please call us at (304) 814-2268 or make an appointment to visit us at 5841 Davis Creek Road, Barboursville, WV.

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