What does the new year hold for design trends? Houzz.com recently predicted ten trends that it expects for 2021. Many of the trends are popular because homeowners and across the United States are working from home, schooling from home and continuing to spend most of their days at home.
One trend that we expect not only to continue but also to grow is the multifunctional kitchen. The kitchen is no longer just an area for preparing and eating meals or a central gathering hub. The kitchen now serves as a home office, classroom, study, catering center and refuge. We expect an increasing number of homeowners to be attracted to new kitchens that offer defined areas for baking, meal preparation and snacking or doing homework.
As homeowners are spending more time in their kitchens, they have discovered the need for both functional and aesthetic lighting. Sconces fit both bills. Not only can sconces make a distinctive fashion statement in your kitchen, but they are also an excellent source of task lighting to illuminate a range, the sink area or an island.
Similar to kitchens, bathrooms no longer serve utilitarian purposes. COVID-19 has emphasized health and well-being, and homeowners are discovering they can convert their master baths into wellness centers and personal refuges for rest, relaxation, and a place to wash away the stresses of the day.
Remote work and school are not expected to end anytime in the near future and should continue through most of 2021. Homeowners are expected to look to talented designers to create nooks and dedicated spaces for home offices, work nooks and back yard space that can double as a work area or classroom.
Open floor plans that were declining before the outbreak of COVID-19 are expected to continue to wane into 2021. Family members who found themselves having concurrent video conferences quickly discovered the downside of not having walls. Open space is not going away entirely; however, an increasing number of homeowners are drawn to sliding doors, interior windows and partitions that can create private spaces.
Backyards are being viewed in an entirely new and exciting light. Homeowners understand the benefit of extending living and working space to outdoor areas. We are seeing designs that include enclosed decks, backyard cottages and even accessory dwelling units that serve as home offices, fitness centers, yoga studios, classrooms and wellness centers.
Color schemes expected to trend in 2021 are shades of brown that include warm taupes, beiges, sand and other earth tones. White continues to be the dominant color for kitchens and baths. Adding a splash of brown as an accent color helps to warm a space.
Homeowners that want to expand their space’s functionality should consider large-format rectangular tiles. Larger format tiles make a smaller space look larger, and they have fewer grout lines, which means less cleaning and cleaner lines. Tile styles that are expected to trends in 2021 include herringbone, stacked and brick, predicts Houzz.
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