COVID 19 dramatically changed the way homeowners and nationwide think about and use their homes.  A new America at Home study identified a “historic paradigm shift with homeowners’ attitudes, lifestyles, design preferences and purchasing decisions undergoing a complete reconstruction.”  The study was conducted in three phases, at the start of the pandemic, in the middle of COVID 19, and at the end of the health emergency, and revealed key insights into how Americans and homeowners view their homes and the most important features that are wanted and needed and the most important features that are wanted and needed.

Emotional wellbeing was the most important concern of survey respondents, followed by financial wellbeing, mental health and physical health and fitness. Homeowners want their living spaces to provide comfort, security, relaxation, reflection, and a gathering space for family. The factors that affect wellness in a home include germ-resistant surfaces, home technology, energy efficiency, increased storage and better-equipped kitchens.  

The focus on wellbeing was also reflected in homeowners hopes for the future.  When survey respondents were asked what they were most hopeful for, the most popular response was immediate family (62%) followed by a better healthier me (39%) and my home (34%).  Factors identified that were most important to wellness in the home included private outdoor space or garden (67%), energy conservation (65%) and water conservation (54%).  

Homeowners want spaces in their home that work for their new lifestyle.  We have assisted many homeowners respond to the desire for increased wellness and the changing functional needs of a home that include creating an in-home spa and specific zones in the kitchen that can double as a study, classroom, office, café, and conference room among other needs.  

What are the wellness needs that will best serve you and your family?  Give us a call at (304) 736-2007 or visit our showroom and let us discuss how you can improve the wellness, efficiency and enjoyment of your home.