Kitchens usually see more renovations than most other parts of the home. From spaghetti sauce splatters creating irremovable wall stains to high humidity levels causing wallpaper or paint to peel and chip, many problems cause Barboursville, WV, residents to demand one. If you’re one of them, consider our kitchen upgrade ideas to revolutionize the heart of your home. 

The award-winning Kitchens By Woody’s has a five-star interior design team with years of experience remodeling bathrooms and kitchens. We’ve helped residents in Barboursville, Charleston, Huntington, and surrounding areas turn cramped eyesores into vast, appealing spaces. Follow our top four tips for a kitchen remodel in West Virginia to make this expectation a reality in your home. 

1. Changing Your Backsplash

If you cook a lot, your stove isn’t the only part of your kitchen that sees the effects. The backsplash, especially right behind your stove, may have food and hot oil stains, discoloration, and other wear that reduces kitchen aesthetics. 

If you have limited time and funds, an upgrade doesn’t have to be more than a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes, this option won’t cost a thing if you still own a paint can from your last paint job. You can also spice this up with stencils, numerous paint colors, and different finishes (matte, semi-matte, or glossy). 

However, if you want to experiment with other materials, create a subway tile backsplash for a minimalist look. There’s also wood or brick for a rustic or farmhouse feel and metal for a modern appearance.

2. Replacing Countertops

Your backsplash isn’t the only area that receives abuse during cooking and baking. Consider kitchen upgrade ideas for countertops that have knife marks and discoloration from food stains. Depending on your current material, you may also notice cracks, chipping, and peeling, so consider replacing your countertop with another. 

If you’re considering inexpensive options, laminate, comprising mostly of plastic, is your best bet. Butcher blocks made of wood and concrete are close seconds, but keep in mind they are stainable and porous, respectively. That means you have to take extra precautions like cleaning up spills immediately to keep them in top condition.

For more long-lasting, durable options, consider elegant marble, granite, or quartz countertops for a minimalistic or modern feel. You can also use glossy ceramic tiles, maple, stone, and other materials, so do your research before settling on a type. 

3. Incorporating an Island in the Center of It All 

Kitchen upgrade ideas also include adding an island. For some, an island simply fills in empty space, while for others, it creates much-needed additional storage or workspace. Whatever the reason, abide by the work triangle by ensuring the island doesn’t overflow into the paths between the stove, refrigerator, and sink. 

According to Forbes, the kitchen island shouldn’t be smaller than two-by-four feet or larger than 10% of your kitchen. You should also ensure you have at least 36 inches of walking space between the island and other appliances (at least 42 inches if your island has seating). 

Once you find your correct size, add what you need for convenience. For instance, hide your trash cans behind these additional cabinet doors; this can help with keeping your kitchen clean. Otherwise, consider adding a wine cooler or mini refrigerator on the island base or placing a built-in sink or stovetop range on the surface.  

4. Experiment With Lighting

The best way to top off your island is by adding the right lighting. For most, that means adding one or more elegant pendants over the island; these should hover between 28 and 34 inches from the island countertop. Pendant lighting comes in many shapes and forms, always acting as an accent fixture, but if you’d rather have a more minimalistic approach, consider recessed or track lighting.

Also, consider LED lighting and dimmer switches to help set the mood with a warm, inviting environment while saving on energy costs.

Uncover More Possibilities!

A renovation is never an easy feat, especially if you don’t have a game plan. Sometimes, things don’t go exactly as planned, even if you do have one. That’s why you need a team that knows the ins and outs of renovations, whether you want open shelving or hardwood flooring. 

At Kitchens By Woody’s, our experienced team knows how to take on all kitchen and bathroom projects, big and small. So, whether you want to figure out the timeline for kitchen remodels or find new kitchen upgrade ideas, call (304) 814-2268 in Barboursville, WV, and surrounding areas today!