If you have a large, spacious kitchen, an island not only helps fill up the awkwardly empty floor space but also gives you a nearby surface to rest items on no matter what part of the room you’re bustling around. Even if your kitchen is more of a kitchenette, a small island provides additional storage and work areas so you can do more. But knowing how to style kitchen islands can make or break the entire appeal.

At Kitchens By Woody’s, a top kitchen remodeling company in Huntington, WV, our award-winning team has over 50 years of experience providing local residents with the kitchens of their dreams. That involves installing, removing, and replacing islands so they fit and match their surroundings. Below, we’ll explain four tips we’ve picked up over the years that serve as kitchen island decor inspiration. 

Pull Inspiration from Nature

Do you have a rustic or farmhouse-style abode that emphasizes shades of brown wood alongside other natural elements and earthy colors? Maybe you have a minimalistic modern home with neutral hues that could use a splash of color. Either way, one of our kitchen island design ideas includes cutting a few vines for a vase or positioning a potted plant to add vibrancy and living elements to liven up boring areas. 

For even more color, cut from your flower beds and rose bushes instead when the season’s right. When they’re not in bloom, opt for bouquets from your local flower shop or choose a faux arrangement that can tide you over until the spring. Best of all, since flowers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, you can always find the perfect bunch to complement your kitchen decor and personal preferences. 

Leave the Empty Vase

When the colder temperatures set in, other residents prefer to leave their vases or decorative pots empty, appreciating them as standalone art pieces that don’t need filling. Whether it’s a perfect thrift find that mirrors your decor or an expensive piece passed down to you, displaying it as a focal point in the center of the room proves one of the top styling tips for kitchen islands. 

Many also use the following in the place of vases and flower pots:

  • Decorative bowls, mugs, and other ceramic-like containers
  • Glass storage jars of different sizes bunched together
  • Wooden boxes or woven baskets

Add Fruit for More of a Kitchen Theme

Nothing screams “kitchen” like food. That’s why when learning how to style kitchen islands, staying within a food theme can maintain a homey and nurturing feel in the heart of your home. Whether it’s a gourd sporting autumn colors or a fruit bowl with overhanging grapes and bananas that entice your family into eating healthier, bunching these pieces adds color and life just as plants and flowers do.

Moreover, there’s a reason fruit is the subject matter in so many still-life paintings and photography. Fruit, which symbolizes abundance, fertility, and the preciousness of fleeting life, can act like a structural piece of art when decorating kitchen islands.

Lay Out Your Most Impressive Kitchenware

Have you ever noticed how those with floating kitchen shelves or transparent cabinet doors tend to show off fine china and other unique kitchenware? Imagine having those pieces but not having the cupboard space to display them. Opt for creative kitchen island designs that implement them instead.

If your island is primarily there to add more seating space with its accompanying stools, add a place setting in front of each seat that displays the ornate plates, glasses, and expensive or antique silverware. You can also add fancy linen placemats or handkerchiefs beneath the kitchenware for further elegance. 

Otherwise, if you don’t have seats, create one place setting on a tray on the corner of the island so it’s more for aesthetics than functionality.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Kitchen island makeover ideas are in no short supply. One can do anything, from placing a vase with a single long-stem flower on the surface to incorporating a sink and dishrack system. Others may opt for leaving the entire island top bare and instead transforming the sides with doors that open up wine coolers, mini-fridges, and extra cabinet spaces. 

However, deciding on the right island look for your kitchen, not to mention the space around a kitchen island, can prove daunting and overwhelming. At Kitchens By Woody’s, our kitchen and bath designers and specialists work six days a week to help you uncover the right aesthetic. So, to find out how to style kitchen islands, call (304) 814-2268 to book an appointment!