Have you examined your kitchen cabinets recently and wondered when they started looking the way they now do? Maybe splatters are causing discoloration, or high humidity has led to the cabinet materials peeling and warping. Whatever the reason behind the less-than-perfect aesthetic, you need cabinet replacements, but are MDF cabinets good for your West Virginia home?

Kitchens By Woody’s understands that while you may desperately need a total kitchen makeover, you may also be on a tight budget. When you find yourself at these crossroads, why not explore the many cost-effective kitchen cabinets in WV? The team explains more below so that you can decide whether MDF cabinets are the right choice for you. 

What Is There To Know About MDF Kitchen Cabinets?

What are medium-density fiberboards? MDF refers to a construction material originating from engineered wood rather than raw matter. 

Typically, the manufacturer utilizes recycled composite material mixed with a resin or glue. After machine-drying the substance, they compact it with an adhesive. Then, they press it under high heat, using the maximum pressure to densely compact it into solid sheets.

Those are the sheets your cabinets come from. The professionals cut the sheets and apply various finishes before distribution.

MDF vs. Wood Cabinets: Which Proves Better for Your Kitchen?

Because of their makeup and material origin, the use of wood panels for cabinets strongly rivals traditional wood cabinets. 

The many pros and cons of MDF cabinets include the following:

Eco-Friendly Alternative to Natural Wood

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, MDF comprises hard and soft wood residuals. These derive from one of three sources: 

  • Municipal solid waste (usually furniture)
  • Primary timber processing
  • Construction and demolition debris 

So, the base may be used but whole products, like damaged furniture and cabinets, or construction and demolition debris that workers pull from demolition or renovation jobs. Primary timber processing includes anything from bark to peeler log cores and sawdust. 

Because they comprise waste materials, MDF processes keep all of these products out of landfills. Why not do your part and recycle them for reuse in your kitchen? 

Affordability When You’re On a Tight Budget

Are MDF cabinets good if you’re on a budget? The wood fibers come from waste products, meaning manufacturers don’t have to fork out millions for new timber when creating your cabinets. The price increases with board thickness, but it’s still great value.

Being pressed together, the MDF cabinets’ quality is heavier than most traditional wood types. It’s still not as dense as solid wood like lignum vitae. 

MDF May Last Longer Than Traditional Wood (Depending on Your Environment)

Because MDF is slightly softer than traditional wood, knicks happen. These scratches and dents are harder (if not impossible) to repair because while you can sand regular wood, MDF will likely crumble. When disturbed, MDF material also releases trace formaldehyde particles, which could affect your lungs, and this makes repairs difficult and replacements frequent.

That might make you wonder, “Are MDF cabinets durable?” For the most part, they are. Depending on your environment, MDF holds up better than regular wood because the resin component effectively locks out carpenter ants, moths, termites, and other gnawing pests. 

It’s also resistant to heat and humidity, such as from cooking. Unlike wood, MDF won’t expand and contract. In traditional wood types, this would mean warping, cracking, and chipping.

A Smoother Finish for Perfectly Even Painting

Do you want that rustic kitchen appeal without replacing real wood or paying for regular sealing? Consider MDF. 

Choosing MDF cabinets is also ideal if you plan on painting the surface. Unlike traditional grainy wood that causes some parts of painted wood to have a deeper color or uneven layering, MDF wood is seamless. After priming the cleaned surface, an expert lays down two coats of paint, which not only increases aesthetics but also protects the material for longer. 

The grainless appearance doesn’t work as well with stains, which look messy on this product. Stains are also water-based, which may sink into the product, permanently damaging it. Opt for neutral paint colors to get a similar look to a wood stain.

No One Knows Wood Like Kitchens By Woody’s!

Choosing the right cabinet system can prove daunting, especially if you want wood without the drawbacks of, well, wood. Skip the high price points and susceptibility to moisture and heat and ask Kitchens By Woody’s about MDF cabinets instead. 

Are MDF cabinets good? What’s the process of evaluating MDF cabinet strength? Find out when you call Kitchens by Woody’s award-winning team at (304) 814-2268 and start going through cabinet wood types and more!